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 Carnival of Venice.

The best carnival in the world.


Production of masks.

Venice, the city that dreams are made. Water is one element without which there would be no Venice. Its Carnival and its beautiful masks and costumes consituent other elements that make this city one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Water is part of the landscape.
If it interferes with people during the year, it's a real treat for tourists who can visit by boat.
Islands have been built on the lagoon of Venice in gondolas exceptional steps.
Burano is the most colorful.
The brightly colored houses are located along the canals. That way the fishermen will ease their house away.
In a different style, the island of Murano is worth visiting for its glass blowing business.
The artisans of Venice and Murano world wide fame.

The manufacture of masks was and remains very much a craft at least as regards the 'real' masks.

It starts with the construction of a mold clay or model of the mask is highlighted.
From this mold in relief, it will draw a test in a hollow.
To get there puts this mold clay in a container on which we will pay plaster.
Once the plaster mold hollow obtained, the artisan will put small pieces of paper mache. It will begin with the edges of the future mask to go inside of it.
Patience, method are the qualities sought from the artisan.
Indeed, this long process of patience will be rewarded when the mask detached from its support of plaster present a uniform surface.
A mask for the Carnival of Venice is wet papier mache holding together.

Each mask is unique. The craft will now clothe his mask: color, decorations, ornaments. That our DNA or our main lines, each mask is unique because created by a man!
In addition to these paper mache masks (authentic), there are also those leather masks for inspiration Comedia Dell'Arte. There are also carnival masks as we found everywhere.

Description of some masks.

To remember, we can only advise the paper mache masks because they are the work of a Venetian artisan. Local artist in the service of his city.
Return to Venice with a mask, bring it a little magic of the Carnival of Venice at home.
The challenge will be to choose here in the shops held by these craftsmen, the number and beauty masks has no limits.
Each mask is handmade, hand painted, decorated by the inspiration of the moment. Your mask will be unique. No one but you do the same copy.

There are two types of masks: those so-called "bear" and said those "decorative". But each of them will be unique. If more involved in Carnival, it will be for you the best reminders of your stay in Venice.

The mask in the city of Venice has ancient origins.

Wearing a mask is permitted from the day of Santo Stefano, which marks the beginning of the Venetian carnival until midnight of the last Tuesday of Carnival.

The Venetians also cover the mask during the fortnight of the climb.

During all major events, such as official banquets or other celebrations of the Republic of Venice, wearing a "mask and the mantle" are allowed.

The mask had many uses including protect players against the prying eyes (especially creditors)

More information on the masks of Venice.






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